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Lennon's Girls Trilogy

Lennon's Girls Trilogy

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Trilogy, Lennon's Jinx, and Lennon's Hope

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Lennon's Girls Trilogy is about the maturation of a guy who lives in the shadows of his famous, hard-partying parents. Until his little sister Currie is born, he's felt neglected and unloved, but at age eight, he takes over the responsibilities of raising and caring for her, giving his life meaning and finding the love that he's sorely missed throughout his childhood.

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In Lennon's Jinx, the first of the series, the reader meets Lennon at age seventeen in his high school senior year. Currie takes up most of his time, given all her extracurricular activities, so he doesn't date but due to the fame of his parents and popularity of his band, girls fall at his feet.

In his class for choir, he admires and respects Jinx, the popular, class valedictorian. There's no way a girl like her would ever spend time with him. She is not as perfect, as he believes, and hides her own tarnished past. When she joins his band, she sees Lennon as the man-whore he is but also as the sole caretaker of Currie. When his world starts to collapse due to an illness, Jinx befriends him and helps him through the rough patch.

In Lennon's Rain, the reader meets free-spirited Rain, the little girl who stole Lennon's heart in fifth grade and gave him the only glimpse of childhood he has ever had. In this story, the author takes a huge risk by introducing a girl who could possibly destroy his relationship with Jinx. Rain fears Lennon's conquests will prevent him from ever having a serious relationship, but she also cannot say "no" to the little boy she gave her heart to. In this story Lennon starts to realize what he really wants from a relationship. Unfortunately, he's willing to deceive the love of his life to get what he wants.

In Lennon's Hope, the reader meets Hope, the culmination of what is most important to Lennon and a hard reality check for Lennon. When tragedy strikes, he spills the lie he told in the second book and loses everything he cherishes. His world falls apart, and the one person he has sworn to hate is the one person who can save Lennon from himself.

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